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Adult Content Filtering Service – FREE!

Four Corners Computer Center just found this Free service and thought some of our readers might be interested in it. It is an adult content filtering service that happens on the server side. What that means is you don’t have to install filtering service on every computer or device in your house. The filtering service…

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Easy to use remote desktop sharing tool

For remote service we use a 3rd party program called TeamViewer. This program has been around for years and is extremely safe and secure. You will have to be present to begin the session and once the remote session has ended we have no way of getting back into your computer without your approval. If you…

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Computer Backup importance, tips and techniques

When it comes to backing up your data Four Corners Computer Center is here to help. The worst part of my job is having to be the bearer of bad news and let somebody know that they have just lost all of their data, including Pictures, Music, Documents, or Videos. You know how painful it…

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Reason’s to upgrade your Power Supply

Is your computer unresponsive? Is it not powering on at all?  If you are not seeing any lights light up or hearing the CPU fan kick on then it may be that your power supply unit has failed. Our Technicians here at Four Corners Computer Center can assess the issue using our power supply tester….

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Benifits to upgrading to a Solid State Hard Drive

Laptop PC’s come in all shapes and sizes, screen types and weights. You may already know that there isn’t a whole lot you can do to upgrade your PC, mainly because of size limitations. For instance, it is very rare that you can upgrade the graphics card because it is part of the motherboard.  Typically…

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Why would I need to upgrade my Video / Graphics Card?

There are 2 main reasons for upgrading your graphics card. The number one reason for upgrading your graphics would be to get better frame rates for playing high end super graphic intensive games. The graphics engine that runs some of these new games is very intense and very demanding. The game will request a set…

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How to select a new computer hard drive – Solid State?

The hard drive is where everything is stored while the computer is off, it is the long-term storage for the operating system, programs, photos, music, videos, and documents When the hard drive begins to fail it can be very frustrating so you want to pay very close attention to the way your computer is running…

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How much Ram / Memory does my computer really need?

You can have all the processing power in the world but it won’t help much if you run out of RAM (random-access memory). This can happen if you are running 10+ applications at once or have 100 tabs open in internet explorer. These programs dwell in RAM, making accessibility very quick. When you get too…

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Can I or do I need to upgrade my CPU / Processor?

The CPU / processor of the computer is known as the brains of the computer. The CPU takes a set of instructions, processes them and sends them where they need to go. The CPU is capable of processing so many instructions per clock cycle it is unreal how much data it can handle. However depending…

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