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Anti-virus and Anti-Malware Protection isn’t 100% Protection

As much as the virus removal program manufacturers would like you to believe so, anti-virus software does not keep viruses from entering your system. They are like clean-up crews, picking up after the mess has happened. Most people will install a virus scanner and never run it. (See Running Scan HERE!) They think that just because they have it, they won’t need to worry about viruses again. These people then are left scratching their heads after their computer has succumbed to a slew of viruses and malware. 99% of the time, it’s not the virus scanners fault. (See Running Malwarebytes HERE! )

In order to keep a healthy system it is important to look at your PC’s health in terms of a house. Sure there are products like scotch guard that protect your carpet and couches from spills, but most of the time, no matter what you do, it still will get dirty. Firewalls are like the locks on your doors and windows, but like your house, they can be cracked with the right tools. Your hard drive space is like the interior of your house. If you fill your rooms too much you can’t get in them to look at your stuff.

So looking at this through the lens of house care, virus scanners are like your vacuum cleaner. Now, you can’t buy a vacuum cleaner and never use it and expect your carpets to stay clean right? This is how virus scanners work after all. There is nothing that can keep all the bad things from getting into your computer or home. But once it’s there, you can clean it up. Just like spring cleaning, it is important to regularly check on your virus scanners and run them every so often. Even if it’s just once a year for a system that has been running smoothly. It is still recommended to run one of these scans every month or even every week to keep your system virus free and running like the day you bought it.

Four Corners Computer Center • June 3, 2015

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