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Benifits to upgrading to a Solid State Hard Drive

Laptop PC’s come in all shapes and sizes, screen types and weights. You may already know that there isn’t a whole lot you can do to upgrade your PC, mainly because of size limitations. For instance, it is very rare that you can upgrade the graphics card because it is part of the motherboard.  Typically you can choose to upgrade your system’s memory/RAM as well as an upgrade to add more hard drive space. Thankfully the advances of technology have brought into play a fantastic upgrade available for your system. With minimal cost one of the things we recommend is replacing your hard drive with a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD). (This applies to mechanical Desktop Hard Drives as well).

There are specific perks to this upgrade, for one there are no moving parts that can become problematic. The SSD is a completely electronic component. SSDs are faster than hard disk drives because there is zero latency (no read/write head to move across the disc platter). Usually cuts the boot time from start to finish in half. No more waiting, when you click to open something BAM! It’s open. They are also more rugged and reliable than hard disks and offer greater protection in hostile environments.

The great majority of solid state drives use flash memory chips. Flash memory is non-volatile and holds its content without power. This helps with less heat generation and also requires less onboard/battery power to operate. The price of this component is more reasonable these days and will continue to come down in price as more companies compete for users. We stock 240GB SSD for under a $100.00 and 480GB SSD for under $150.00. If you need our technician to install the SSD, we can sure do that. We even have a clone process where we can clone your old hard drive to the new one for a reasonable fee. Come on down to Four Corners Computer Center and get your new Solid State hard drive (SSD) today!

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Four Corners Computer Center • April 28, 2016

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