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Big Box Optimization: How and Why?

We’ve all done it, purchased a computer from a big box store like Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, Fred Meyers and others. We go home with our new computer and set it up only to find that the system is already packed full of programs that we don’t need or will never use. These extra programs, while sometimes helpful, often are more of a nuisance than anything. At Four Corners Computer Center, we know how to optimize PCs so they run their best. This process of removing these unnecessary programs is what we like to call Big Box Optimization. Let’s take a closer look into what is involved in this process and the careful tuning that goes into each computer that we sell at Four Corners Computer Center.

The first step to any optimization process is to ditch the stock anti-virus programs. The standard programs often loaded into retail computers is either Mcafee or Norton. Now these aren’t exactly bad anti-virus programs, the problem lies in the security suite packages that they load; often filled with tools that are just fluff to make it look more important. What the big anti-virus companies don’t want you to know is that you should never need more than just a simple anti-virus program, many of which are free. In our case, we then install Microsoft Security Essentials as the systems new anti-virus package. (Windows 8 comes with this program already installed.)

Then we remove programs that are not critical to the operation of the system. Fluff apps like Ebay, Hulu, or store specific ad generators. Most people will never even miss the junk apps that are removed here but they will definitely appreciate the added speed and overall performance they will gain from having these extra apps removed. After all this, we install the apps and plugins that you do need to be the most efficient in your work and play. Plugins / programs like Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Java.

At Four Corners Computer Center we program your new computers for the best configuration. So that when you open it up for the first time, the only thing that will slow you down is deciding what to do next. Just another example of how Four Corners is hard at work making your life easier with our attention to detail and quality service. You don’t have to buy a new computer from us to have this optimization done to your pc either. Bring in your congested new PC and we will help clear up your system and give you back the power that is being held back with un-needed or unwanted apps. See pricing here for our Big Box Optimization and Several other services that we offer.

Four Corners Computer Center • June 11, 2015

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