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Can I or do I need to upgrade my CPU / Processor?


The CPU / processor of the computer is known as the brains of the computer. The CPU takes a set of instructions, processes them and sends them where they need to go. The CPU is capable of processing so many instructions per clock cycle it is unreal how much data it can handle. However depending on the speed and architecture of your chosen CPU can be the difference of enjoying your computer or wanting to throw it out the window.

Unlike the old days you use to be able to upgrade your processor fairly easy but nowadays most laptops and even some desktops the processor is soldered onto the motherboard. If your processor is soldered onto the motherboard then you will not be able to upgrade your CPU. Some desktops still have a platform that is upgradeable, you would need to check with the computer manufacturer to see what options are available.

The best thing to do when selecting a new computer would be to start out with a high-end processor so you don’t need to worry about extra power down the road. Choosing the right processor use to be a very simple task, you could simply compare processor speeds and the faster the GHz the better the processor. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. You have clock speeds, you have dual core, quad core, six core and octa-core, L1 Cache, L2 Cache, and L3 Cache, you have different architectures to choose from.

CPU Benchmarks Capture

You have AMD or Intel to choose from, intel has the Celeron, Pentium. and i Series to choose from. The Core I Series: The Core i3 (Mid-range) Core i5 (High End) and last but not least you have the Core i7 (High-High End) that will calculate the movement of the planets every hour. The different AMD processors you have a variation of different processors to look out for as well, simply put you have A4 – Quad (Low end) A6 – Quad (Low – Mid range) A8 – Quad (Mid – High range and the A10 (Super High-end)To give you a great overall score of the processor you can check out this site

To give you a great overall score of the processor you can check out this site CPU This will give you the overall score of the processor and also a comparison of other processor performance’s side by side. This is a big help when trying to decide what processor to get. As I mentioned previously this is probably the most important part to focus on when purchasing a new computer. Everything else can easily be upgraded later.


Four Corners Computer Center • April 25, 2016

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