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Computer Backup importance, tips and techniques

When it comes to backing up your data Four Corners Computer Center is here to help. The worst part of my job is having to be the bearer of bad news and let somebody know that they have just lost all of their data, including Pictures, Music, Documents, or Videos. You know how painful it can be to have to recommence your data especially the data that is irreplaceable. Family pictures especially are extremely painful to lose and cannot be recaptured. At Four Corners Computer Center we can tailor the perfect backup solution just for you so you never lose those precious documents, pictures, videos or music again.

If it is too late and you have a hard drive that is failing, we have many ways that we can try to recover your data! Deleted a document you didn’t want to? Accidentally reset your PC back to factory defaults? Do not despair! There is still hope for recovering your data! We have specialized software for digging deep in the system to recover any lost documents and pictures. When a document is deleted it is just marked as free space in the file system, just like removing an entry from the table of contents of a book. Our tools can help recover these files. There does come a time however when your drive is beyond what our tools can recover. In that case, a clean room recovery would be required from a hard drive manufacturer such as Seagate or Western Digital. These recoveries can be expensive, but if it absolutely has to be recovered, this is an option still in recovering your data.

Because your information is so important and clean room recoveries can be expensive, we at Four Corners Computer Center recommend that you have your data backed up regularly on at least two separate hard drives at any given time. The chance of 2 hard drives going out at one time is slim to none. Technology is amazing these days, but failures can still happen without warning and leave you with a paperweight where your data used to be. Here at Four Corners Computer Center, we have a variety of backup media for you to keep your data safe. External hard drives up to 2 Terabytes, USB flash drives ranging in size from 8GB to 64GB’s! At Four Corners Computer Center, the security and integrity of your data is the most important thing to us. Don’t wait for a failure to leave you in a tough spot. Come down and let us set you up with backup solution that will fit your needs.

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Four Corners Computer Center • April 29, 2016

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