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Don’t click ads within a YouTube video

I just noticed something very interesting I would like to share with everybody! Lately we have been doing a bunch of stuff with YouTube. As a matter a fact you should check out our new Four Corners Intro Below:

I hope you like the intro however did you see the google ads pop up? I want to take the opportunity to explain what is OK to click on within the video and what is not OK. If you watched the intro you may have seen something similar to this screen shot below:

Don't Click youtube ads

I highlighted the information that you need to be careful of. Always look at the website that you are being directed to. See how it says (A lot of times they won’t have the URL printed with the ad but a lot of times you can hover over it and a bubble will pop up showing you the URL information.) I happen to know for a fact that is going to try and sell me something or have me download a scanning tool for my windows computer and cause more problems instead of fixing them. It is junk software and in the end they will probably want money and they will make it really difficult to remove their scanning tool. To put this in better terms it is malware. Malware is not good.

If I am watching a video hosted on YouTube from Four Corners Computer Center and there is something I am interested in then simply open a new tab, type Four Corners Computer Center accessing the site that way. The videos that we publish we add notes at the top of the video shown below. If you hover over the note it shows you the URL: in this case it shows Perfect – I know that is safe. Not all notes will be safe but most of them will be safe especially if the video is coming from a trusted source.

Hover Over - Ok to click on this

Please be careful whether you are on YouTube, Facebook, twitter or your moms blog. Don’t just click any old ad because it looks good. Always double check the URL and make sure it is going to be safe. If you already clicked on one of these ads and you have infected your machine with Malware please jump over to my malware removal post and I walk you through step by step on how to remove malware from your computer.

Four Corners Computer Center • February 26, 2015

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