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Watch out for Fake Website Links

Lately we have noticed an influx of customers coming in with tons of malware and their browsers completely hijacked. Turns out there is a spoof link out there that somehow made its way to the top of the list when searching for Google Chrome.  If I type “Chrome” in the Bing/MSN Search engine this is what you see at the top. See the highlighted image below: if you click on this you will be downloading it from “” Don’t know about you but I’ve never even heard of that sight.  Don’t just look at the title, always look at the source and were the link will really be directing you.

Example of a Fake Website Link

Example of a Fake Website Link!

This link does give you Google Chrome but it gives you a lot more than that. It loads your machine with all kinds of malware, spyware and completely takes over your browsers. If you need Google Chrome, please make sure you are getting it directly from Google or you can click on our “Know you Links” page and the link provided will take you to the official Google Chrome page.

Same thing with HP, Acer, and other sites that you might be acquiring normal everyday files. For example: See the image below: See how it looks to be exactly what you’re looking for?  Trust me it’s not, it is Which is a bogus website and tricks you into downloading a bunch of tools that will not solve your problem and will infect your computer.

Example #2 of a Fake Website Link

Example #2 of a Fake Website Link

This does throw a lot of people off. But the “hp-drivers” part of the address is just a sub-domain that “” created to make it look just like you are going to HP when in fact it is not HP. For instance, I can have a sub-domain that looks like this: Looks pretty official that it might be HP, eh? Well it’s not.

So what you must look for when you are downloading something is always the MAIN Domain… it doesn’t matter what the sub-domain is, make sure at the end you see or or, etc.

Please leave comments below or if you have any questions please ask in the comments and I will try to answer them the best I can.

If you accidentally click on the wrong website and it downloads something to your computer without your permission chances are it is Malware. You need to download marebytes below and run a full scan on your computer. Also see posts on Cleaning up your Browsers.

Four Corners Computer Center • November 16, 2014

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