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How much Ram / Memory does my computer really need?

Top_Banner_MemoryUpgrade2You can have all the processing power in the world but it won’t help much if you run out of RAM (random-access memory). This can happen if you are running 10+ applications at once or have 100 tabs open in internet explorer. These programs dwell in RAM, making accessibility very quick. When you get too many applications running at once your RAM fills up. Once you run out of memory your computer will still function however it has to begin swapping data back and forth from RAM to the hard drive, slowing things down immensely.

We don’t sell computers with anything less than 4 GBs, this is bare minimum if you ask me. Depending on your computer needs it would not hurt to bump your machine up to 6 or even 8GB’s of ram in order to keep things running comfortably, more is always better. RAM upgrades can be very simple if you purchase the ram from Four Corners we can install it for FREE. Ram prices vary depending on type, size and speed but typically you can upgrade for well under $80.00.

Four Corners Computer Center • April 26, 2016

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