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How to run a system restore in Windows 8

We have all been their, accidentally installed something on our computer that we didn’t mean to. Well luckily with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 there is a System restore feature that will restore your computer back to a date when it was working. Don’t worry a system restore doesn’t loose any new data files that you may have recently added. A system restore simply replaces system files and executable’s that have been added since the last snap shot. See the video below for a complete walk-through doing a system restore in windows 8.

Click Windows Key + Q to bring up the search box: Type in Control Panel and click on Control Panel as it pop’s up in the search results below.

Click on System and Security and click System

Click System protection from the list in the top left

Click the System Restore button… Then NEXT, Sometimes you will need to click the check box “Show more restore points”

Select a Date from the list of options that gets you back to when your computer was working correctly. Then click “Next”

Click Finish and Confirm.

See my other post for a walk-through on how to do a system restore in windows 7.  Here is the video for windows 7 restore below:

After successfully running a system restore I highly recommend downloading and running malwarebytes. This is the best malware removal program on the market today. Click below to download your copy today!

Four Corners Computer Center • April 12, 2015

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