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Installing and Running Avast Anitvirus

I do believe in Microsoft Security Essentials / Microsoft Defender however sometimes no matter what you try it just doesn’t cut it. So my second favorite anit-virus program is AVAST Antivirus.

In this post I will walk you through how to install Avast Antivirus and how to run it. This post is about the free edition of Avast, there is a paid version that is well worth the extra money if you would like to pay for it. For this example I will show you how to register the free version for 1 year. Once the year is up you can register again for another free year, it is free however you do have to register each and every year.

How to install Avast and run scans properly

– Go to Make sure you are only downloading it from this website or you might get a bogus version that could harm your PC.

– Click on the download now Tab as shown below.

Installing Avast Antivirus 1

– Click on the Download Avast Free Antivirus Tab shown Below

– Next it will take you to, click the big green download button

– At the bottom of the screen a box will appear that says “run now” go ahead and click Run, if it downloads just double click on the icon after the download has completed. 

– Do you want the following program to make changes to your computer, Click Yes

– After Avast Antivirus is has been installed you are going to want to click “Register” at the top right corner. If you don’t it will only let you use it for 30 days free.

Installing Avast Antivirus 2

– On the next screen click on Standard Protection.

Installing Avast Antivirus 3

– Next it will ask you to type in an email address: Simply type your email address and click on registrar to stay with the basic protection. That’s it you have successfully installed Avast Antivirus onto your computer!

To use the scan function of Avast Antivirus simply click on “Scan” on the left.

Installing Avast Antivirus 4

– Select the drop down menu circled above and select Full system scan from the list. Click on start scan. Also see the YouTube video below to see Avast Antivirus in action. 

Installing Avast Antivirus 5

Four Corners Computer Center • March 26, 2015

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