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Microsoft Doesn’t Call People – EVER!

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Microsoft doesn’t just sit around and call people to help them with their computers. The same goes for HP, Dell, Acer, ASUS or whoever else they might say they are. These people are simply trying to mess with your computer and separate you from your money. I want to bring this to your attention because there have been a lot of issues lately with people saying Microsoft has been calling them with PC related issues. This is totally false. Microsoft doesn’t call people. Third party companies are scamming people into buying their services to repair their PCs  when their PCs really don’t need servicing. These companies will say they need to log into your PC to show you hundreds of error logs, these error messages don’t mean anything and are not harming your computer. See example below:

Errors and Warnings in windows

They will tell you how bad these errors are making your computer run and how they can fix the problems for $100 to $300 or so. These errors are natural occurrences within a PC that happen over time. Honestly they don’t mean anything, every once in a while we will look at these logs when trouble shooting a very specific issue but they are pretty much worthless errors.

Same with HP, Dell, Acer, etc. They aren’t just going to put their phone # on the top page of Google or give you a call on the phone. Also it is almost nearly impossible to get a hold of Microsoft: there are a lot of false numbers for these companies listed by third party sites as seen below. Note: these results were pulled up by typing in Microsoft Phone Number or HP, Dell into the Google search bar.

Search Results 800 Number for microsoft

Search Results for HP 800 Phone Number

All these companies are examples of spoof companies. If you want to attempt to get a hold of these large companies you need to make sure you are going to their actual website. These are the companies actual website links listed below.

For all the top quality website links used most often please visit this page as well: HELPFUL LINKS

Warning: How to avoid this Scam

  1. Don’t ever let somebody login to your computer.
  2. Always ask for credentials.
  3. Never give anyone your payment info over the phone to fix your PC – there is a good chance they will install some nasty software and you will never see your money again.
  4. Hang up the phone and call Four Corners Computer Center or a trusted certified repair shop in your area.
  5. Four Corners Computer Center Serving Nampa, Meridian, Mountain Home and Boise, ID.

Four Corners Computer Center • February 26, 2015

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