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How much Ram / Memory does my computer really need?

You can have all the processing power in the world but it won’t help much if you run out of RAM (random-access memory). This can happen if you are running 10+ applications at once or have 100 tabs open in internet explorer. These programs dwell in RAM, making accessibility very quick. When you get too…

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Can I or do I need to upgrade my CPU / Processor?

The CPU / processor of the computer is known as the brains of the computer. The CPU takes a set of instructions, processes them and sends them where they need to go. The CPU is capable of processing so many instructions per clock cycle it is unreal how much data it can handle. However depending…

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Upgrading software on my computer – is it necessary?

Customers always ask what is ok to upgrade and what is not ok to upgrade. Even though updates to your operating system can break your computer and cause it not to function correctly they are very necessary. Some people think of an Operating System upgrade (such as Windows or Apple OS) as something that is…

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What is the difference between new and re-certified

People often ask what the difference is between a new computer, an open box, re-certified or refurbished. New just as it suggests, are OEM parts directly from the warehouse, assembled in the distribution centers and later shipped out to the retailers. The unit has gone through the manufacturer’s QA (Quality Assurance) inspection / checks. Upon receiving…

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Best upgrade for any computer – Solid State Hard Drive

When I am shopping for a new computer or want to breathe life into my old computer the #1 thing I look for is upgrading to a SSD Hard Drive. Desktop or Laptop it doesn’t matter, it is night and day difference when you go from the old mechanical hard drive to a new SSD…

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Time for a New Wireless Router AC1200

Here at Four Corners Computer Center we strongly recommend purchasing your own cable modem. Our reasoning is that the modem that you are using now may be under performing (using DOCSIS 2.0 vs. DOCSIS 3.0 technology). Another reason is money! If you do not have your own modem then you have to lease/rent a modem…

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Coupon’s and Discounts for Four Corners Computer Center

Check out our new advertising campaign! has just set us up with a package for advertising and it includes the free video below and some great ways to save money when you come on down to Four Corners Computer Center! Link to the coupons below! Enjoy the video! We even have some ad spots on…

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Angie’s List Super Service Award WINNER! 3 Years Running!

Four Corners Computer Center Earns Esteemed 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service  Four Corners Computer Center has earned the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in…

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Best Used Computer Selection in Boise

Four Corners Computer Center has New and used Computers and Components! We have the best used computer selection in Boise, Meridian and Nampa. We carry laptops, desktops, tablets and Apple computers. Four Corners Computer Center offers re-certified computers that are typically not more than 30 days old, stamped re-certified by the manufacturer and have passed all of…

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