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Four Corners Computer Center YouTube Channel!

Did you know Four Corners Computer Center has a YouTube Channel! Yep we sure do. We have all kinds of helpful videos on YouTube. A lot of the videos that are on YouTube are also on our Blog. Follow us on YouTube!  We have YouTube videos on just about every subject that you can imagine….

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Four Corners Computer Center Blog – TIPS and Tricks!

Did you know that Four Corners Computer Center has a BLOG! I created this blog about 6 months ago to help my fellow customers keep their computers up and running smooth. You can even subscribe to the blog and I will email you whenever we post something new. We blog about all the latest threats…

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How to Configure your wireless router – Networking 101

So you want to go wireless. Whether it is just to network some of our vast array of increasingly diverse gadgets like smart phones and smart TV’s, or you are reducing the need for so many wires around the house, wireless routers are the way to go. How do you begin? There are many factors…

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Big Box Optimization: How and Why?

We’ve all done it, purchased a computer from a big box store like Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, Fred Meyers and others. We go home with our new computer and set it up only to find that the system is already packed full of programs that we don’t need or will never use. These extra programs,…

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Video Walk Through on Imaging your hard drive using Acronis

I have been in this business a long time and have had to clone a lot of hard drives over the years. I use to use Norton Ghost way back in the day. Loved that program but once Acronis Hit the market I have never used anything else. I have tried lots of different programs…

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Complete Disassembly of Dell 15z, 15z 5523 Inspirion Laptop

This is a perfect post to read if you need to take apart your Dell 15z Laptop, more specifically it is a dell Inspirion 15z-5523. The video below(Our you can go to our Youtube channel to watch) will walk you through a complete disassembly so by watching you can replace the following components: Dell 15z…

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Anti-virus and Anti-Malware Protection isn’t 100% Protection

As much as the virus removal program manufacturers would like you to believe so, anti-virus software does not keep viruses from entering your system. They are like clean-up crews, picking up after the mess has happened. Most people will install a virus scanner and never run it. (See Running Scan HERE!) They think that just…

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How to install and configure Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is one of the best malware removal tools I have ever used in my life. I have been using malwarebytes ever since it hit the market. I have watched this software develop over the past 10 years to becoming the #1 go to software for Advanced Malware Detection and Removal of Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Rootkits,…

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Disassembly of Toshiba C55 85201 – Keyboard Replacement

You can use this post / video to replace just about any part you want on your Toshiba C55 Laptop. I got 2 of these units in a while back and one of the keyboards were bad on one and the other one had a motherboard problem. I decided to snag the good keyboard and…

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