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Turn on System Restore in Windows 8

I wanted to create this post because believe it or not we have been running into a lot of computers lately that run windows 8 and windows 8.1 and System Restore is not turned on. Windows 7 computers always have system restore turned on by default. Not sure why but windows 8.1 default is off….

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How to setup windows 8 backup

How to set up a backup in Windows 8 If you have Windows 7 Home or Windows 7 Professional please see this post: Setting up a backup in Windows 7. If you have windows 8 or windows 8.1 please continue reading. Before you start using File History to back up your files, you need to first…

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Setting up a backup in Windows 7

Here at Four Corners Computer Center we deal a lot with Data Recovery. It is not a matter of if your hard drive fails it is a matter of when. Hard drives fail and that is just the nature of it. As a matter a fact I would say hard drives are probably the number one…

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Recovering Windows Operating System

There are a lot of different ways to recover your operating system to get up and running again. But be aware that performing a full recovery wipes out all of your data. Only follow these steps if you do not need to save any data or programs installed on your machine since it left the factory. This will wipe…

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Watch out for Fake Website Links

Lately we have noticed an influx of customers coming in with tons of malware and their browsers completely hijacked. Turns out there is a spoof link out there that somehow made its way to the top of the list when searching for Google Chrome.  If I type “Chrome” in the Bing/MSN Search engine this is…

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How to Run a System Restore

Have you ever installed a program that caused all kinds of problems with your computer or installed a bunch of junk software that you didn’t want?  Well if you have and you catch it soon enough, that’s when a System Restore could come in real handy for you. System Restore, NOT, I repeat, NOT a…

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How to Uninstall programs in Windows

Not to be facetious, but I can’t believe the number of computers we work on these days where all the customer had to do was uninstall the program or toolbar they had accidentally installed. So in this post I am going to walk you through uninstalling junk programs, tool bars and other unwanted software that may be…

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Run Microsoft Windows on your Mac

Run Microsoft Windows on your Mac! Run Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on your MAC or iMac or your Macbook Pro! I have a solution for you to run Microsoft Windows on your Mac the easy way!  I have tried the built in Boot Camp to run windows on your Mac and though this…

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Running Malwarebytes & Spybot S&D

Both of these tools are free and used by Four Corners Computer Center upon doing a Tune Up on a customer’s PC. Trust me there is a whole lot more than just running these programs, we have a lot of other stuff we have to remove manually or remove using other tools. This process will…

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