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Reset Internet Explorer Browser

One of the biggest problems with surfing the internet today is when your browser gets hi-jacked. As a matter a fact, just released a new product that we will be testing and if it works well we will provide a link for it here. It is called Anti-Exploit, it is supposed to keep your browsers from being hi-jacked. (Upon testing Anti-Exploit it doesn’t really help. )

So what does it mean to get your browser hi-jacked? Well just like the term implies, you are used to searching with Google, Bing, Yahoo or AOL (Yes, some are still stuck using AOL and they just can’t break free!). What happens is when you get into a nasty piece of software that installs malware on your machine usually along with that it will change your search engine to “search protect” or “Trovi” or 100 different others that are out there. If you are using Google Chrome Click here for reset instructions. If you are using Mozilla Firefox Click her for reset instructions.

What happens when you search using their search engine is your results become even worse than before. What I mean by that is your results a lot of times are mostly to sites with even more malware or worse malware, so instead of one search result trying to trick you, you end up with a whole page of garbage results… Click on those and you are doomed.

So in order to get back to your default search engine I have made a tutorial on how to reset your browsers and get them back in working order.

View this quick little video below for instructions on resetting your browsers or you can see a detailed walk through below the video.

Internet Explorer:

  1. On the Tools menu, tap or click Internet options. If you don’t see the Tools menu, press Alt.
  2. In the Internet Options window, tap or click the Advanced tab.
  3. Tap or click Reset. If you’re using Windows Internet Explorer 6, click Restore Default.
  4. Note: Select the Delete personal settings check box if you also want to remove browsing history, search providers, Accelerators, home pages, Tracking Protection, and ActiveX Filtering data.
  5. When Internet Explorer finishes applying the default settings, tap or click Close, and then tap or click OK.
  6. Exit and then re-start Internet Explorer.
  7. Once you re-open Internet Explorer you will need to do the following:
  8. On the Tools Menu, click on Internet options. It should default to the General Tab.
  9. You will see a text box there that says: HOME PAGE. Set this to your desired home page, like or click “Use Default.”
  10. Click OK to exit.
  11. On the Tools Menu, click on Manage Add-Ons, Then click on Search Providers
  12. You will see a list of search providers on the left window pane.
  13. Click on either Google, Bing, Yahoo or AOL and “Set to Default”
  14. Select each search provider other then the ones mentioned above and remove all of them one by one. Click OK and exit.

Your Internet Explorer is back in business.

Once you are done resetting your browsers I highly recommend downloading and running Malwarebytes. It is by far the best malware removal program on the market.

Four Corners Computer Center • October 10, 2014

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