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Resetting Mozilla Firefox Browser

There are lots of reasons why you might have to reset your internet browsers. Basically what can happen is your browsers can get hi-jacked / taken over by plug-ins and / or search engines that direct you to search results and pages that they want you to see. Even a simply search, instead of the results that are relevant it takes you to a set of results that want to take you to pages that will infect your computer. Malwarebytes and Spybot are very good programs for cleaning some of this stuff up however it will not get your browsers back into working order. Please see the instructions below for resetting Mozilla Firefox back to factory settings. Google Chrome? Not problem Click here for specific Instructions on resetting Google Chrome back to factory settings. Internet Explorer? Not problem, Click here for instructions on resetting Internet explorer back to factory settings. 

1. Click on this Icon on the Top right hand corner.

Resetting mozilla firefox 1

2. Click on the ? Icon at the bottom of the settings menu.

Resetting mozilla firefox 1-2

3. Select the troubleshooting information icon.

Resetting mozilla firefox 2

4. Hit the reset firefox icon

Resetting mozilla firefox 3

5. Then select Reset firefox in the confirmation window.

Resetting mozilla firefox 4

Once you are done resetting your browsers I highly recommend downloading and running Malwarebytes. It is by far the best malware removal program on the market.

Four Corners Computer Center • February 15, 2015

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