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Running Malwarebytes & Spybot S&D

Both of these tools are free and used by Four Corners Computer Center upon doing a Tune Up on a customer’s PC. Trust me there is a whole lot more than just running these programs, we have a lot of other stuff we have to remove manually or remove using other tools. This process will be found in future posts. If you are going to purchase anything, then Malwarebytes is the one to purchase, this program is free if you remember to manually run it but if you purchase it, it will run in the background and protect you 24/7 against malware.


– Right click on Spybot Search & Destroy from the drop down menu select “Run as admin”
– Then click on Search for updates
– A Window will appear, select all of them from the list and click download.
– Once the download is complete, close that window, spybot should automatically re-open.
– From the list Click on Check for Problems. (This scan will take an hour or longer.)
– Once it is done there is a button at the top that says clean or remove selected items. Click that and confirm removal of the infections.


– Malwarebytes, Double click Icon to run.
– Click Scan at the top next to Dashboard.
– Click on “Threat Scan”
– Once it is done there will be a “Quarantine All” Button in the bottom left corner of the Program.
– Click “Quarantine All”


Four Corners Computer Center • October 23, 2014

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