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This is how malware gets on your computer!

Please watch the video below for a complete walk through as I install what seems to be a perfectly harmless application. This application is great but all the junk programs that it brings with it are ruthless and not easy to remove and clean up.

Unfortunately this happens to the best of us. I have to admit that I fell victim of this not to long ago trying to save a buck on screen capture software. If you do get malware on your computer what you need to do is go to this post about uninstalling programs from within Windows. After you have removed all the unwanted programs / malware that the software installed without your permission then you will need to hop over to my post on running malwarebytes and spybot S&D.  If you don’t have malwarebytes installed yet hop over to and download it.

Four Corners Computer Center • February 26, 2015

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