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Turn on System Restore in Windows 8

I wanted to create this post because believe it or not we have been running into a lot of computers lately that run windows 8 and windows 8.1 and System Restore is not turned on. Windows 7 computers always have system restore turned on by default. Not sure why but windows 8.1 default is off. System restore can save you from having to reload your computer so it is one of the most important features to have turned on. This walk through will not only walk you through how to turn system restore on but also walk you through checking and making sure it is configured correctly.  Please see this post about how to perform a system restore in case your computer gets infected with a trojan, virus or malware.

#1. Right Click on the Windows Logo / Icon in the lower left corner, From the menu click on Control Panel.

#2. Click on System and Security

#3. Click on System

#4. On the top left in the small menu you will see System protection. Click on System Protection.

Turning on system restore in windows 8

#5.  Under Protection Settings make sure it is turned on for Drive C: If it is not on, Click on “Configure” See below what it should look like, Make sure System protection is turned on and then you can configure the amount of disk space you want it to use.

Turning on system restore in windows 8 2

There you have it. System Restore is turned on. This just might save your computer some day. If you ever need to run system restore you can come to this same location and click on System Restore button and it will allow you to select a restore point from the list just like in the video below: Enjoy!

Four Corners Computer Center • February 15, 2015

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