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Upgrading software on my computer – is it necessary?

Customers always ask what is ok to upgrade and what is not ok to upgrade. Even though updates to your operating system can break your computer and cause it not to function correctly they are very necessary. Some people think of an Operating System upgrade (such as Windows or Apple OS) as something that is complicated or doesn’t need to be done. To make sure you’re protected from security vulnerabilities, you should always keep your operating system up-to-date.

Other programs that seem to need a continual update would be your anti-virus software, Adobe reader, Adobe Flash and last but not least Java. Whenever you see a pop-up or message stating that you need one of the following updates what I would recommend is going to the manufacturer’s website to get the update. Never click on the message that is prompting to upgrade it. For instance:, Then download the update from there. This is much safer then clicking on the message because sometimes those messages are coming from a different source and will trick you into downloading malware or spyware that will take over your computer and render it useless.

Four Corners Computer Center can help you with any operating system updates or upgrades. Remember, your current hardware may not be able to run future operating systems or updates. Our certified technicians can help you with questions around updates and upgrades. After installing a new operating system or updates we check over everything to make sure you have the latest and greatest hardware drives and make sure everything is working as it should.

Four Corners Computer Center • April 24, 2016

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