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What is the difference between new and re-certified

People often ask what the difference is between a new computer, an open box, re-certified or refurbished.

New just as it suggests, are OEM parts directly from the warehouse, assembled in the distribution centers and later shipped out to the retailers. The unit has gone through the manufacturer’s QA (Quality Assurance) inspection / checks. Upon receiving NEW computers Four Corners also puts these computers through our own QA testing before reselling. These computers come with all original packaging and warranty, not to mention our very own ironclad in house warranty.

Open-Box is a unit that was purchased and opened by the consumer but was not used for more than 14 days. Upon a return, the computer is put through an inspection and reset to factory defaults. The Manufacturer and the retailer can no longer sell the unit as NEW. The unit will come with its original packaging, hardware and software components and will usually adhere to the original warranty. The retailer has the option of modifying their warranty for the item as well. Since the unit was not used much it is guaranteed to work as a new one would. We do carry Open-Box items and rarely see any issues. We will offer a warranty on the item as well.

Re-Certified is a unit that comes from the OEM manufacturer and has had an item replaced with an OEM part. When we receive units that have been re-certified the unit really appears as if it is brand new.  There is no way of knowing why the unit was returned, but the manufacturer is confident that their fix has been QA tested and will work well. Typically the manufacturer does not extend a warranty, but the retailer feels confident in offering a limited warranty. We offer a 90-day warranty on parts and labor for our re-certified and refurbished units.

Refurbished units are basically used computers. They most likely will not have the original packaging and software. Here at Four Corners Computer Center we go through the computer with a fine tooth comb and any part that is in question is replaced. We will then put the unit through a 12 point inspection process. We make sure that the unit comes with an up to date operating system and that the computer is protected with anti-virus software. Once the hardware components have been thoroughly tested we clean the machine thoroughly inside and out. Most of our refurbished units come from customers that are trading in their PC for a newer version. We offer free data transfer to all our customers who purchase a PC from us. We sell our refurbished units with a 90-day parts and labor warranty.

What sets us apart from other big, retail stores is that we can get you up and running in 48 hours or less if you do experience any issues with your new computer purchase. Typically this will be covered under the in-store warranty.

Four Corners Computer Center • April 22, 2016

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