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Why would I need to upgrade my Video / Graphics Card?


There are 2 main reasons for upgrading your graphics card. The number one reason for upgrading your graphics would be to get better frame rates for playing high end super graphic intensive games. The graphics engine that runs some of these new games is very intense and very demanding. The game will request a set of instructions and the graphics card will try to interpret these instructions. It will then process the instructions and the display you get will be the results of the instructions. If the graphics card is not capable of processing the instructions then it simply sends the instruction set to the processor for interpretation. The more instructions that that graphics card can process, the less it has to send to the processor and the faster the computer will respond. Gaming and video editing, the video card or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a key component in providing higher resolution display/playback without dropping performance.

The second reason that you might want to upgrade your graphics card is to add the capability of running 2 or 3 monitors at the same time from one PC. You don’t need a very high-end video card to do this. Most new computer systems these days are capable of running multiple monitors right out of the box but some of them you will need to add a 2nd video card. Typically you can get a decent video card to do this for under $60.00. Four Corners Computer Center does have a great selection of video cards ranging anywhere from $40 – $300 depending on what you are looking for.

Four Corners Computer Center • April 27, 2016

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